Five Treasures Lettuce Cups

Sometimes it’s nice to introduce a few surprises for Chinese New Year dinner. After tossing Lou Sang with friends and family, serve them this delightful appetiser that makes creative use of Chinese lettuce.

Enjoy the crunchiness and savouriness when you eat but be careful not to spill anything!


Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Servings: 5 - 6


1 kgMUSHROOM QQ Fish Filament, sliced into 3 pieces
80 gMUSHROOM Sashimi Snow Crab, cut into 3 pieces
3shallots, diced
3 pipsgarlic, chopped
2 tbspoil
5black mushrooms, soaked in hot water and diced
5water chestnuts, diced
1red capsicum, seeded and diced
30 gspring onion, thinly sliced
1iceberg lettuce / Romaine
1 tbspsoy sauce
1 ½ tbspoyster sauce
1 tspsugar
½ tspsea salt
½ tbsphot chili
1 tspgarlic powder
1 tspsesame oil
1 tspcornflour + 75 ml water
A pinch black pepper


  1. Sauté shallots and garlic with oil till fragrant then add in the MUSHROOM QQ Fish Filaments, MUSHROOM Sashimi Snow Crabs and black mushrooms. Stir well.
  2. Next add in all the sauce ingredients and cook till mixture is thickened.
  3. Stir in water chestnuts and diced red capsicums, fry well. Lastly, stir in spring onions.
  4. To assemble, spoon the mixture onto iceberg lettuce cups and serve warm.


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