Roti Paratha Chicken Wrap

If you’re looking portable and yummy chicken wrap recipe, you’ve come to the right place!

Generous chunks of tender chicken, succulent tomatoes, cucumber and greens wrapped in fluffy roti paratha…delicious! Roti canai/paratha has its roots as a quick snack, and with this chicken wrap recipe we just give it a quick and fresh makeover. This is definitely a wrap that will satisfy your hunger; it’s a quick yet nutritious meal for those on the go.

For this chicken wrap recipe we’re using the very simple and convenient Figo Roti Paratha, available at all good supermarkets.


Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Servings: 6


7 piecesFigo Roti Paratha
1cucumber, sliced thinly
1red onion, slice thinly
4 piecesnasi impit, cook and cut into cubes
1tomato, sliced
Green lettuce
Chicken satay
Satay sauce
For the satay sauce:
500 gground nuts, fried till brown and remove skin. Grinded finely
1lemon grass
130 gsugar
2 tbsptamarind (mix with 1/2 cup water)
50 mlcooking oil
Satay sauce blended ingredients:
40 gshallots
15 ggarlic
10 gginger
10 glengkuas
15 piecesdried chilli (soak in hot water)
2candle nuts
For the chicken marinade:
500 gchicken meat, cut into cubes
200 gsugar
1 tspsalt
Chicken marinade blended ingredients:
4lemon grass
15 ggalangal (lengkuas)
15 gginger
3/4 tspcoriander (ketumbar)
3/4 tspfennel (jintan manis)
1 1/2 tsptumeric powder


  1. To Prepare the Satay Sauce: Blend all blended ingredients till smooth then stir fry with oil and lemon grass till fragrant.
  2. Next add in ground nuts that has been blended ,followed by the tamarind juice.
  3. Add in sugar and continue to simmer till sauce gets thick.
  4. Season to taste with salt.
  5. To Prepare Chicken Satay: Blend all blended ingredients till smooth then mix well with chicken, sugar and salt.
  6. Best to marinate it overnight.
  7. Poke chicken meat into wood skewers and grill it over a pan till it is cooked.
  8. To Assemble: Remove Figo Roti Paratha from packet and pan fry both sides till crispy and set aside.
  9. Place some lettuce, cucumber, slice red onion, nasi impit, chicken satay and lastly drizzle some satay sauce onto the Figo Roti Paratha .
  10. Fold the wraps tightly .Ready to be served.


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